KINO turns to remote production

5 May 2023

Kino unveils its remote production offer for news reports, documentaries and webinars

livestreaming at La sorbonne

livestreaming at La sorbonne

Remote production is on a roll. Taking advantage of new technologies and the ability to convey information rapidly and securely over networks, decentralized video production is no longer just for large broadcasters.

Indeed, the concept of remote production has recently become truly democratized, becoming affordable and accessible to a wide variety of players in the audiovisual market. Thematic and news TV channels, and more generally companies wishing to produce original, high-quality audiovisual content, with filming on different sites that are sometimes geographically distant from one another.

In 2022, KINO l’Agence audiovisuelle strengthened its technical resources to meet the needs of its customers.

Here is the list of integrated resources included in the agency’s remote production services:

  1. Connected video studio: The video studio is equipped with a green, black or white background, enabling interviews and inlays to be carried out in real time. Customers can virtually follow and participate in the shoot, facilitating communication and collaboration between teams and customers.
  2. Customizable filming set: our filming studio is adapted to every need, whether you’re an independent filmmaker, a company, an agency or a digital content producer. The green background allows visual elements to be added in post-production, offering great creative flexibility.
  3. Real-time video overlay: Thanks to our Vmix or tricaster broadcast control systems, we can create overlay in real time, adding backgrounds, titles and animations for live production. This saves time in post-production.
  4. Remote control: KINO lets you control shots and on-set activity remotely, by receiving live images from the camera or control room. Customers can also see what’s happening on the set and communicate with the technical team and the speakers.
  5. Remote production and interviewing: Filmmakers or journalists can conduct interviews remotely, saving time and travel expenses.
  6. Experienced technical support: The agency’s team has extensive experience in filming and post-production, offering tailored solutions and technical support to ensure smooth production compatible with customers’ equipment and network constraints.
  7. Live broadcasting: We offer live broadcasting solutions via fiber optics or connected backpacks aggregating 4G and 5G networks, ensuring seamless, high-quality broadcasting, even at outdoor events or in non-fiber areas.
  8. Connected sound studio: Our sound studio lets you record and mix remotely, working with actors from all over the world and inviting customers to take part in recording sessions in real time. This means greater responsiveness and creative possibilities.