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    Kino offers live streaming for all your professional events. Whether it’s a press conference, a seminar, a webinar, a forum, a general meeting or a product launch, we have the expertise to capture and broadcast live content to make your event a true digital event.

    Located in the heart of Paris, we put our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment at your disposal to make your live streaming a resounding success.

    Live streaming is much more than a simple broadcast; it’s an opportunity to engage your audience, extend your reach and create a memorable experience. By choosing live event capture and broadcasting, you choose accessibility, real-time interaction and a powerful online presence.

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    Our streaming studio in Paris is dedicated to providing high-quality live streaming services, tailored to your specific needs. We make a point of ensuring the security of your live events. We are equipped to offer secure streaming solutions to prevent unauthorized intrusion.

    By choosing Kino, you can be sure that your event will be professionally and reliably captured and broadcast live. We look forward to working with you to bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for your audience. Discover the many advantages and applications of live streaming, and find out more about our equipment. If you’d like a quote for live streaming, webcasting or any other service, we’ll be happy to help.

    Why use live streaming for your events, advantages and benefits for companies

    Live streaming refers to the action of filming (or capturing) and broadcasting audiovisual content in real time on a remote distribution platform via the Internet. This process has become an essential marketing and communications lever for companies wishing to develop their online presence and engage their audience in a unique and dynamic way.

    First benefit: Real-time interaction with your audience

    The real-time interaction made possible by live streaming has many benefits for a company’s marketing and communications.

    Increased engagement: Real-time interaction gives audiences the opportunity to actively participate rather than simply consume content. Whether through comments, likes, shares or live polls, engagement is clearly enhanced. An engaged audience is more likely to be loyal to your brand and become a customer or promoter.

    Instant feedback: Live interactions provide immediate feedback from your audience. Whether you’re launching a new product, holding a webinar or broadcasting a conference, instant feedback from your audience can help you assess the effectiveness of your presentation and adjust accordingly.

    Relationship building: Real-time interaction helps build a stronger relationship between your brand and your audience. By responding live to comments or questions, you create a personal bond with your audience, which can lead to greater customer loyalty.

    User-generated content: Live streaming can encourage the creation of user-generated content. For example, participants can share their own experiences or ideas during a live event, which can then be used to promote your brand or event.

    Message amplification: When your audience interacts with your live broadcast, this can often lead to an amplification of your message. For example, when a viewer shares your live stream on their own social media channels, it increases the reach of your content.

    The real-time interaction offered by live streaming can therefore play a key role in promoting engagement, getting instant feedback, building stronger relationships, promoting user-generated content, and amplifying your message.

    Second advantage: broadening your event’s reach

    Reach refers to the number of people who see and interact with your content. Live streaming has a very positive influence on the reach of your broadcasts

    A potentially global audience: One of the main advantages of live streaming is that it enables your company to reach a global audience. Whether you’re a local business looking to expand your customer base, or an international company looking to reach new markets, live network broadcasting makes it possible.

    Access to diverse audiences: Live streaming lets you reach audiences who might not be able to attend your events in person. For example, people living in different geographical areas, and those who are unable to travel or have obligations that prevent them from attending your events.

    Partnership and collaboration opportunities: A broader reach can open up new partnership and collaboration opportunities, with influencers or opinion leaders in your sector who are based in other regions for example.

    Reduced costs: Live streaming is a great way to cut costs. Rather than spending money on hosting in-person events, which often require considerable expenditure on venue, catering, travel and accommodation, you can reach an even wider audience at a fraction of the cost with webcasting.

    Customer loyalty: Live streaming allows you to engage your audience on a regular basis, a factor that reinforces brand loyalty. By offering valuable and engaging content, you can arouse the curiosity and interest of your audience? By doing so, you create the conditions for greater long-term brand loyalty.

    Third advantage: valuable data for marketing purposes

    Live streaming generates a vast amount of exploitable data that can be invaluable for a company’s marketing and communications.

    User behavior analysis: Live streaming platforms provide detailed analytical data on how users interact with your content. How long they watch, when they connect and disconnect, how they participate, etc. This information can help you understand what works and what doesn’t, and adjust your content accordingly.

    Content personalization: Thanks to data analysis, you can better understand your viewers, so you can tailor future live content or marketing messages more closely to their interests and needs. Coupled with work on defining personae, this is particularly effective.

    Improved engagement: Data analysis can help you understand which types of content generate the most engagement. Certain topics or presentation formats encourage greater participation from your audience. This allows you to fine-tune your storytelling.

    Measuring ROI: Data collected during a live event can help you measure the return on investment of your marketing and communications efforts. How many new customers or sales were generated as a result of the event, for example?

    Audience segmentation: Live streaming data can enable you to segment your audience according to various criteria, such as viewing behavior, geographic location, time of viewing, etc. This segmentation helps you target your marketing and communications efforts more effectively.

    KINO, live streaming agency in Paris since 1991

    Kino offers live streaming for all your professional events. Whether it’s a press conference, a seminar, a webinar, a forum, a general meeting or a product launch, we have the expertise to capture and broadcast live content to make your event a true digital event.

    Located in the heart of Paris, we put our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment at your disposal to make your live streaming a resounding success.

    A streaming studio in Paris, flexible and adapted to your needs

    With Kino, you have the freedom to choose where you want to shoot your live event. We’re equipped to film in all kinds of locations, whether a conference room, auditorium, theater, hotel, coworking space or even outdoors. Our livestreaming solution enables your teams, guests or external experts to intervene remotely via their computer, a telephone or from a remote film set.

    Interactive livestreaming for real-time audience participation

    We also offer an interactive livestreaming option, enabling your audience to participate in real time. Questions, polls and live comments increase audience engagement and add a personal touch to your event.

    Security of your live events and seamless integration

    At Kino, we make a point of ensuring the safety of your live events. We are equipped to offer secure streaming solutions to prevent unauthorized intrusion. Our livestreaming solution can be broadcast from a platform specially designed for your event, or integrated into your existing platform, enabling you to reach your audience seamlessly. Teams, Zoom, Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram are the most common platforms, but we can also broadcast on your local network or intranet for added security or to talk directly to your teams with their usual tools.

    By choosing Kino, you can be sure that your event will be professionally and reliably captured and broadcast live. We look forward to working with you to bring your event to life and create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

    Live streaming of press conferences to share your company’s highlights

    Live recording and broadcasting is the ideal way to promote your company at a press conference.

    Present your products or concepts in a dynamic, interactive way. Kino’s live streaming lets you present your products or concepts dynamically and interactively, using films, presentations and remote interventions. This option offers an enriching experience for journalists, the general public and your privileged customers or prospects.

    Combine face-to-face and online sessions to reach a wider audience. With Kino, you can combine live presentations with online interventions, offering your participants a hybrid experience. This option allows you to broaden your audience by reaching people who can’t make it to the event.

    Broadcast high-quality personalized films and presentations. You can customize the visual elements to suit your brand image and strengthen your online presence. This option provides a high-quality visual and auditory experience for your audience. you can make your presentations and elements available to a targeted audience that you can choose according to your needs. This allows you to reach specific people and communicate effectively with them.

    Different levels of interactivity for a personalized experience. With our live broadcast services, you can offer different levels of interactivity for different audiences. You can personalize your participants’ experience by offering real-time chat, voting or polling options. This allows your audience to actively participate in the event and interact with you live.

    Gather valuable information for recontacting participants. You can collect information about your participants, such as their name, email address and company. You can then use this data to contact them again at a later date, strengthen your relationship with them and continue the dialogue.

    Live broadcasting of general meetings, keep all your shareholders informed

    The Annual General Meeting, an event with legal constraints. Organizing a general meeting is a strategic challenge for your company. It’s essential to ensure that access is secure, that confidentiality is respected, that votes are managed and that your figures are presented in a clear and accessible way.

    Organized speaking. One of the major advantages of our solution is the ability to organize speaking time according to protocol. You can decide who can speak and when, and even allow remote speakers to take part in the event. This allows you to organize your general meeting smoothly and efficiently, while respecting the codes of practice.

    A hybrid event to reach a wider audience Our offer also allows you to mix face-to-face and online events. This means that participants who are unable to attend in person can still take part in the event online. This enables us to reach a wider audience and give all shareholders the opportunity to participate in decision-making.

    Provision of official documents. We can also make your figures and official documents available to a targeted audience. Thanks to our secure platform, you can share important information with authorized persons, while protecting the confidentiality of this data.

    Interactive presentations to facilitate decision-making. Finally, we can show films and presentations to illustrate your points and make your general meeting more interactive. We also manage voting, for efficient, transparent decision-making.

    A complete and secure live streaming solution for your general meeting. In conclusion, Kino’s livestreaming offer for general meetings is the ideal solution to guarantee the success of your event. We offer you a complete and secure service, which respects the codes of exercise while providing an interactive and modern experience for your shareholders. With our solution, you can be sure you’re talking only to shareholders, and offering them a quality experience tailored to their needs.

    Offer live broadcasts of your corporate seminars

    Make your event an unforgettable success with Kino. If you’re looking to make your corporate seminar memorable, live streaming is a must. At Kino, we offer a live broadcasting package tailored to corporate seminars, with full duplex multisite options so you can have live events in multiple locations simultaneously.

    Creating exceptional shows for a unique event. Our team of professionals specializes in creating exceptional shows to make your event unique and memorable. We use state-of-the-art tools to stream live films and presentations to your favorite platforms used by your employees.

    Multisite live management. We have the ability to manage multisite live events, which means you can hold live events in several different locations while maintaining impeccable audio and video quality. This allows you to offer a live experience to all participants, wherever they may be.

    Remote speakers for an extended list of potential speakers. We can also invite remote speakers to take part in your live seminar, enabling you to expand your list of potential speakers for your event. We offer you the opportunity to collaborate with renowned speakers and enhance the impact of your event.

    Live broadcasts for a wider audience. Last but not least, we can broadcast your event live to your seminar site, so that your employees can follow the coverage from their computers, smartphones or tablets, wherever they are in the world. This allows us to reach a wider audience and offer an immersive experience to all.

    With our Kino live streaming offer, you can create an exceptional corporate event that will leave a lasting impression on your employees and partners. By combining face-to-face and digital training, we’re ready to help you create an unforgettable corporate seminar, with an expanded audience, impeccable audio and video quality, and renowned speakers for maximum impact.

    Live streaming of product presentations

    Our product launch live streaming offer for a successful live presentation! You’re launching a new product and want to create an event by connecting with your target audience. The live streaming offered by our team is the ideal solution for engaging your audience and creating an unforgettable moment that will be shared on social networks.

    Interact with your audience and engage them. Your live product launch is more than just an event, it allows you to interact with your audience, engage them and create a memorable moment. Our full duplex multisite options enable you to present your new product live to your sales teams, customers and even the general public, wherever they may be.

    Enrich your audience’s experience with videos and presentations. Our team of professionals specializes in creating exceptional shows to make your event unique and memorable. We use state-of-the-art tools to broadcast pre-recorded statements from experts, designers and product contributors, as well as videos and presentations to enrich your audience’s experience.

    Mix face-to-face and online sessions to reach a wider audience. Our offer lets you mix face-to-face and online sessions by inviting remote speakers to take part in your live event. This allows you to expand your list of potential speakers for your event and reach a wider audience.

    Manage interactivity with your audience to enrich the debate. We can also manage interactivity with your audience during the live event to enrich the debate and enable your audience to ask questions and give their opinions. This allows you to improve audience engagement and strengthen your relationship with your target audience.

    Make replay videos available for greater visibility. Finally, we make replay videos available on your website for greater visibility. This allows you to reach a wider audience and prolong audience engagement long after your live event is over.

    In short, our product launch offer will enable you to ensure your product’s reveal by creating an event, engaging your audience and strengthening your relationship with your target audience.

    Live webinars to share your expertise and

    Webinars, an educational and interactive solution for your audience. Webinars are an increasingly popular live format for companies wishing to pass on their know-how to their audience. With our webinar offer, you can personalize your event from the registration form to the video, with your brand logo and colors.

    Involve your audience and boost engagement with our webinar offer. Webinars are an excellent way of involving your audience and strengthening the commitment of your prospects and customers. With our webinar offer, you can mix face-to-face and online with remote speakers, and encourage engagement with questionnaires, polls and quizzes.

    Turn your participants into leads with our webinar offer. You can follow up with your participants once the webinar is over to turn your prospects into leads. What’s more, by making webinars available as a replay, you can increase your visibility and reach a wider audience.

    In short, our Webcast webinar offer is a personalized, interactive and educational solution for your audience. Contact us today to find out more about how to deliver an engaging webinar to your audience and strengthen your engagement with your prospects and customers.

    Enhance your HR, CSR or HSE policy with live video

    Highlight your HR, CSR or HSE policy. Video is an effective way of communicating your HR, CSR or HSE policy, both internally and externally. It allows you to showcase your actions, involve your employees and raise public awareness of the issues you care about. By showing rather than telling, video lets you communicate clearly and effectively.

    Make your commitment a defining element of your employer identity. By promoting your actions internally, you enable your employees to better understand and commit to your HR, CSR or HSE policy. By communicating externally, you make your commitment known and become a defining element of your employer identity. Video is an effective way of conveying these messages and your values.

    Video, a positive business element. By integrating video into your communication strategy, you affirm your commitment to a positive business that brings value to the entire ecosystem. Video enables us to reach all our stakeholders, including through social networks. It lets you get your message across clearly and effectively, appealing to both the senses and the emotions.

    Raise your audience’s awareness of CSR and HSE issues. CSR policy is now at the heart of our business model. By communicating your actions through video, you can raise your audience’s awareness of CSR and HSE issues. Video lets you show the concrete impact of your actions on people and their environment, communicating both facts and emotion. In this way, you can involve your employees in a shared, unifying project that helps to restore meaning to the company.

    Organization of live streaming web conferences

    An online forum for quality virtual encounters. An online forum is a meeting place where you can organize conferences, round tables and workshops, and invite prestigious speakers from a distance. Kino can help you set up this virtual discussion space to create links and networks, and provide a convivial meeting place for speakers, participants and the public.

    Broadcast your events online and reach a wider audience. Kino helps you broadcast footage in the format of your choice, whether it’s lectures, pre-recorded statements or long-form videos. We create virtual meeting rooms and online exhibition spaces for an immersive experience. By mixing face-to-face and online training, you can also invite remote speakers to broaden your scope of action.

    Engage your audience through interactivity and give your videos lasting visibility. Thanks to Kino, you can manage interactivity with your audience to enrich the debate and create special moments of exchange. We also make replay videos available to give your online events lasting visibility. Organize online conferences and connect with your audience with Kino.

    Proposed rates for live streaming services, how prices are determined

    To draw up a quote for a live streaming service, we study your project in depth and propose the best possible combination of technical resources and qualified personnel.

    At Kino, we master the entire production chain and work on all types of events, for companies ranging from SMEs to multinationals, as well as for broadcasters.

    We have also developed a remote production business, frequently providing remote production services on behalf of foreign companies wishing to produce films or broadcast live streaming events from France.

    We also have our own filming studio in Paris, with filming and post-production facilities that can be integrated into our Live Streaming service quotes.

    At Kino we take into account all the elements that need to be considered when it comes to pricing a remote production service. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of our services, anticipate unforeseen events, and ensure the quality of the equipment and personnel involved.

    Get a quote for Live Streaming Capture, key points :

    Get a quote for live streaming

    To receive a quote for live streaming, simply contact us with details of your event. We will take into account elements such as the nature of the event, the number of speakers, the estimated duration, the target audience and any other specifics to provide you with an accurate estimate.

    Webcast Studio

    If you’re thinking of organizing a webcast, we also specialize in this type of event. Whether you’re planning an internal webcast for your employees or a public webcast for your customers and partners, we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate webcast quote that takes your specific needs into account.

    Video capture rate

    For events requiring live coverage, our team can provide you with a customized live coverage quote. Whether it’s an artistic performance, a sports competition, a conference or any other live event, we have the skills and experience to capture every moment and broadcast it live to your audience.

    The impact of Live Streaming Capture on businesses, what you need to remember :

    The impact of live streaming on businesses is profound. Not only does it enable you to share information and experiences in real time, it also extends reach, encourages engagement, and provides valuable audience insights. What’s more, it reinforces your brand image, builds audience loyalty, and sets you apart in a constantly evolving digital world.

    So live streaming is much more than just a broadcast; it’s an opportunity for companies to connect with their audience in an innovative and effective way. At Kino, we’re dedicated to helping you take full advantage of these benefits and make your live streaming a resounding success. Every quote we draw up takes exact account of your objectives, your budget and the return on investment you expect.