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    Remote production, or decentralized production, is changing the audiovisual landscape by offering creators and broadcasters innovative, economical and ecological solutions for content creation.

    Are you a TV channel, documentary or corporate film production company based abroad that needs a video shooting service in France to cover major events such as the next Rugby World Cup or the Paris Olympics? Kino is here to help!

    We provide you with experienced film crews and state-of-the-art equipment so that you can carry out your project with complete confidence. You can send your director or journalist on location, and our team will take care of everything else, making sure that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

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    Benefits and Practical Applications of Remote Production for Television Producers and News Channels

    Remote video production has become an essential option for media and content creators. This production method thus offers numerous advantages that can be classified into 3 main categories, which we will develop below.

    First benefit: cost reduction and resource optimization

    Remote production enables significant savings to be made on logistical expenses, transport of personnel and equipment for filming and post-production. Deploying teams on site to cover events or produce reports in another country or region generates considerable costs. Calling on a remote production agency like KINO can reduce these expenses.

    For producers, remote production means better resource management. They can concentrate on other aspects of their work, such as managing human, financial and material resources, for greater overall efficiency.

    What’s more, TV and news channels can pool their technical and human resources, enabling them to make the most of their investments. Production teams can work from a centralized control center, with access to video and audio feeds in real time, without having to travel to the event site.

    Second advantage: flexibility and time savings

    Flexibility, agility and time savings are indisputable benefits of decentralized video production.

    Television producers can now cover a greater number of events simultaneously, with smaller production teams and greater reactivity. This flexibility also induces the ability to adapt quickly to last-minute changes and produce content more efficiently.

    In the event of unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, remote production ensures greater continuity of operations: teams can work remotely and continue to produce content in real time, even in the event of on-site difficulties.

    News channels can react quickly to live events and deploy camera crews on location, while production and post-production can be managed remotely. This reduces the time between image capture and on-air broadcast, providing real-time coverage of events.

    Third advantage: innovation and reduced carbon footprint

    At KINO, a Paris-based leader in remote production, we harness cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality TV production services, while reducing costs and environmental impact. Thanks to our expertise in this field, we enable TV producers to manage their projects flexibly and efficiently, without compromising the quality of the end result.

    In short, remote production contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by limiting travel, optimizing the use of resources, reducing waste and promoting environmentally-friendly practices. This enables the audiovisual sector to minimize its environmental impact while producing quality content.

    KINO is a remote production agency committed to environmental protection. We are certified EcoProd We are committed to reducing waste on location and within the company. We give priority to transport that emits fewer greenhouse gases and particles (bicycle, train).

    KINO, the remote production agency in Paris

    You save on travel

    Our video shooting service in France offers many advantages for production companies based abroad. First of all, it saves you time and travel expenses, as you won’t have to send a team to France. So you can concentrate on other aspects of your production.

    Rely on our experience in the field

    What’s more, our team is made up of professionals who know the French market well and can help you find the best locations for your shots, as well as the necessary permits for filming in public places. We make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

    You can count on our ability to adapt to unforeseen situations

    Last-minute changes, delays or technical problems are part and parcel of any audiovisual production, whether for news or sports events, or for corporate films. At Kino, we control the entire chain, from shooting to post-production. Our experienced teams can handle any situation.

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    Remote production: technical resources

    Technical resources play a key role in the success of remote production. They enable teams to work together efficiently, even when geographically separated, and contribute to the creation of quality content.

    Kino has a shooting studio, a sound studio, a post-production department and an audiovisual laboratory.

    Connected video studio

    Our connected chromakey green, black or white background studio allows you to shoot raw or overlaid interviews in real time and view them remotely while virtually participating in what is happening on set.

    Video studio rental

    If you’re looking for a place to shoot your next project, look no further than Kino’s green-screen film set. We’re ready to offer you a superior video production experience with all the features you need to succeed. Contact us today to find out more about our rates and availability.

    A film set adapted to your needs.

    Kino’s green screen set is the ideal place to shoot professional-quality projects. Whether you’re an independent filmmaker, a company looking to make a commercial or a digital content producer, our set is equipped to meet all your needs.

    A green background to give free rein to your creativity.

    Our film set is equipped with a green screen, allowing post-production chromakey. This means you can add visual elements, such as special effects, backgrounds or CGI, to your video after shooting. Thanks to this feature, you can create more immersive and complex videos, while retaining control over every aspect of your project.

    Technical resources for real-time video overlay.

    Our Vmix control room enables us to produce chromakey in real time. We can add a background, superimposed titles and animations for live production. You save precious time in post-production.

    Control of plans and set activity.

    In all cases, you receive the image coming out of the camera or control room from your home or office, so you can monitor what’s being filmed.

    You also get a wide shot of what’s happening on set for a more immersive and dynamic experience. You can see what’s happening on the set and communicate with the technical crew on site or with the actors or speakers.

    Produce or interview remotely.

    Your director or journalist can conduct remote interviews from the location of his or her choice if he or she is unable to travel, saving valuable time and sometimes considerable travel expenses.

    Benefit from the technical support of an experienced team.

    Our technicians are well versed in both filming and post-production. They can answer your technical questions and put the right solutions in place, so that together we can set up a production workflow compatible with your staff’s equipment and network constraints.

    After shooting, you’ll receive your images on the platform of your choice.

    Piloted video shoots

    Benefit from filming services in Paris, the Paris region and throughout France for your documentaries, reports, corporate films and social networking reels.

    Your local correspondent for all your filming needs.

    Are you a TV channel, documentary or corporate film production company based abroad that needs a video shooting service in France to cover major events such as the next Rugby World Cup or the Paris Olympics? Kino is here to help!

    We provide you with experienced film crews and state-of-the-art equipment so that you can carry out your project with complete confidence. You can send your director or journalist on location, and our team will take care of everything else, making sure that the shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

    Our video shooting service in France is particularly suited to major sporting events, but not only. We can help you make documentaries, corporate films or any other video production, whatever your needs.

    Broadcast live by wire

    We’ll broadcast your images live!

    The simplest solution is to connect to existing fiber networks. When conditions allow, our real-time encoding know-how enables us to broadcast the capture stream directly from the camera to your remote mixer, or from our portable mixer, which sends you a multi-camera pre-realization.

    Broadcast live via our network-aggregating backpacks.

    If you’re broadcasting outside, or on a location where there’s no fiber connection or no wired network access, we’ll take care of the broadcast via a connected backpack that combines the main 4G operator networks present to guarantee very high-speed access throughout your live broadcast. So, even at crowded events such as festivals, sporting or cultural events, or during fashion week, you’re opting for a high-performance, long-term solution that guarantees uninterrupted broadcasting.

    Retrieve your images from the server of your choice.

    In the event of delayed broadcasts, our facilities are equipped with a double fiber installation, enabling us to provide your rushes in uncompressed quality as soon as the team returns to the premises, as quickly as possible.

    In short, if you’re looking for a video shooting service in France for your documentary or corporate film production company, look no further than Kino. We are here to help you realize your project in the best possible conditions. Contact us today to find out more about our services and prices.

    Connected sound studio

    Your connected sound studio, remote recording and mixing.

    The world of audiovisual production has evolved considerably in recent years, with the arrival of real-time connection technologies for sound recording. At Kino, we’ve implemented these techniques in our Parisian sound studio to give you greater efficiency and flexibility, to open up the universe of possibilities, and to deliver an enhanced customer experience. The studio is equipped with two ultra-high-speed fiber optics, enabling you to envisage any recording and mixing configuration to suit your needs and constraints.

    Recording with remote actors

    Record the voice of your program with an actor remotely from his speak booth or from another studio in another city or on the other side of the planet. The actor’s voice enters our Protools studio in real time, without compression, via a sessionlink solution. We can talk to the actor to guide him, recalibrate the sound, implement live effects. If the sound is linked to a video, the actor also visualizes the video and can adjust to the image. For dubbing, the original voice is sent to the actor’s headphones, enabling him or her to match the rhythm and tone of the person being dubbed.

    Recording with the remote customer.

    No need to travel to the recording session. Take part in the session from the comfort of your office or sofa. Via Zoom, Teams or your favorite videoconferencing platform, you can view what’s happening in our camera-equipped studio. Throughout the session, you can hear the sound of what’s happening in the studio, and talk directly to the sound engineer in the studio and to the actor. At the moment of recording, you see the video and hear the actor’s direct sound. You can then take part in the session as if you were in person.

    Invite your team and customers.

    You can extend this experience by inviting your customers or team members to the session. This allows you to validate in real time, involving your customers and partners in the creative process without wasting their time or requiring them to travel.

    From physical to digital, adopt phygital…

    The studio’s configurations are thus modular. From 100% face-to-face to 100% remote, we adapt the recording and mixing conditions to offer you maximum comfort and possibilities without any loss of recording quality. The production of your documentaries, commercials, corporate films and web programs gains in responsiveness, and you increase your creative possibilities thanks to the possibility of working with actors from all over the world.

    Get a remote production quote

    At Kino we take into account all the elements that need to be considered when it comes to pricing a remote production service. In this way, we can guarantee the quality of our services, anticipate unforeseen events, and ensure the quality of the equipment and personnel involved.

    Here are the main points to consider when requesting a quote:

    • Assess your needs: Before requesting a remote production quote, it’s essential to identify your requirements in terms of content, deadlines, quality and budget. So you can choose precisely the type of remote production service that suits you best.
    • Choice of service provider: depending on your needs, choose a remote production company with the experience, skills and resources to meet your requirements. Don’t hesitate to consult customer reviews and references to make sure the provider is reliable and trustworthy.
    • Equipment and technologies: The technical platform of the service providers must be taken into account. You need to make sure that the service provider you choose has the equipment and technology necessary to guarantee optimal quality and efficient collaboration.
    • Costs: As we’ve seen, one of the main advantages of remote production is cost reduction. Nevertheless, it’s important to compare the prices of different suppliers to make sure that the quote is competitive and fits within your budget. A detailed examination of the various items in the estimate enables you to analyze the costs associated with equipment rental, personnel costs and post-production.
    • Support and maintenance: As part of the performance guarantee, your remote production service provider must provide technical support and maintenance in the event of breakdowns, breakages or malfunctions. These services must be included in the quote.
    • Privacy and data security : Protecting your data and content is crucial. The service provider will put in place adequate security measures to protect your information and equipment against any risk of theft, loss or piracy.
    • Communication and collaboration: Communication is key to ensuring the smooth running of the remote production project. The service provider must offer effective communication and collaboration tools to facilitate exchanges between the different teams.
    • Planning and meeting deadlines: Remote production offers great flexibility in terms of deadlines and planning. The remote production company whose quote you accept must be able to respect your schedule and adapt to your time constraints.

    In conclusion, requesting a quote for remote production, decentralized production or remote production is a key step in optimizing your audiovisual production process. By taking these factors into account, you’ll be able to obtain a quote tailored to your needs, and maximize the return on investment of your remote production project.