3D is too expensive!

13 October 2009

3D is too expensive and reserved for high-end products!

This is true if we consider the creation of fully 3D product reveals.
What characterizes the evolution of motion design in recent years is the integration of different creative techniques and the convergence of web, video and 3D tools.
Modeling a 3D product in High Definition and animating it simply (rotations for example) is an operation that can be carried out for budgets of around 1,000 euros. This object integrated into an After Effects or Flash composition in standard resolution can be zoomed in and described in detail.
If we have taken care to create this 3D object without texture, we can envisage a progressive revelation of the elements of the moving pack.
Add one day of graphic design, two days of integration and sound design to bring your reveal to life, and you’re looking at a budget of 3,500 to 4,000 euros.
Affordable 3D is therefore possible for simple products with plastic, metal or wood rendering. The issues of transparency management and culinary product modeling will be the subject of future articles.

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