The world’s largest Photoshop monitor

13 October 2010

Hédiard goes big!

Our graphic designers have big heads. It’s been impossible to get them to work on conventional monitors since they’ve been doing live happenings on facades.

In the photos, Frédéric has his PC plugged directly into two video projectors aimed at the façade of the Hédiard store on Place de la Madeleine. His objective: to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Madeleine boutique by decorating the façade using Photoshop.

The challenge was to work on this prestigious square throughout the month of October, without disrupting traffic or altering the site. So we had to set up an offset projection tower and project an image to compensate for aberrations in viewpoint and to match the building’s architecture. The file was prepared in advance, but in order to be perfectly aligned, it was necessary to intervene at full scale. So here we are at 2 a.m., displaying our Photoshop palette on a 400m2 screen…

If you’re passing through, be sure to pay tribute to the artist’s work. The projection is on view every evening during the month of October.

  • moniteur_photoshop_event_hediard_01-2
  • moniteur_photoshop_event_hediard_02-2