Your remote events

27 August 2020

Broadcast and interact with your community, customers, shareholders...

Today, holding an event face-to-face is not only complicated for health reasons, but also has a definite economic and environmental cost. Meetings, general assemblies, product launches … meet your audience live via video. A control room set up in our studio, on your premises or in any meeting room allows you to broadcast your event, add videos, powerpoints, prezzis… and communicate live with your audience.


What are the advantages over Zoom, Teams or Skype?

Image and sound quality. Professional cameras are ideal for broadcasting high-quality images. HF microphones pick up unaltered sound. This is a great advantage, especially if your event lasts longer than 20 minutes and your audience includes people whose native language is not the language of the broadcast.

Real, controlled interactivity through realization. Our director, usually assisted by a member of your team, will select the shots in the room and may send additional media. He can also give the floor to people not present in the room via a telephone connection or an interface such as Zoom or Skype.

The ability to vote or add interactive elements. Depending on your needs, we work with partners capable of managing secure remote voting. These votes are represented on screen by pie charts, diagrams, word clouds… This indispensable element for events such as general assemblies is, in a simple meeting, a way of involving your audience and showing your interest in their opinion.

Control of the distribution channel. Broadcast your event on a secure site with password access, on your intranet, on a public site or on your social networks. Depending on the target audience or the level of confidentiality of your event, we broadcast on one of your existing channels or on a channel created for the occasion.

The Kino team is more than ever ready to bring your events to life and help you capture the attention of your audience. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration.

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