Anniversary of our film set

5 February 2020

Video or photo shooting, green, black, white or blue background

  • plateau-tournage-kino-2

Le plateau de Kino celebrates its 4th anniversary. Four years of shooting on cyclo chromakey and all kinds of colored backgrounds.

33 m2 is the size of this playground isolated from outside noise, where you’ve come to do your interviews, your statements and your clips. From Calogero to Raving Rabbids, not forgetting influencers, politicians and Cac 40 bosses we won’t name for reasons of confidentiality, prestigious guests have appeared on this stage, which has now been open for 4 years in the heart of Paris.

A modular, pre-lit studio

Our studio’s modular grill means you can film in a wide variety of configurations, and change settings in a matter of minutes. Mooc, talk shows, advertising, interviews, all formats are possible. The pre-installed Led light provides a basic lighting system that can be easily modified by the cinematographers.

A connected studio

Fiber broadband makes it possible to broadcast live programs via social networks, platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo, or dedicated streaming servers. The set lends itself particularly well to the organization of corporate talk shows, either as single programs or with the incorporation of video feeds from other sites or questions asked by viewers.

3-sided green background + ground for inlays

The green cyclo is the realm of the virtual. Animated or static, you can inlay your objects or characters onto any background you like.
Our in-house post-production facilities will enable you to test your inlay right from the start of shooting.

A studio, equipped with paper-colored backgrounds

A studio like an apartment.

Photo or video shoots, black, white or blue backgrounds are permanently available. An almost infinite range of additional colors is available to order.

As the studio is reversible, you can shoot as if you were shooting in an apartment, with all the advantages of a studio (overhead lights, soundproofing…) Many commercials and interviews have been shot here “just like at home”.