The domino effect: when networks run amok

31 January 2020

Télérama recommends our podcast series produced for France Inter by Kino and Coopdoc

In our connected world, a simple click on social networks can make you famous or give you hell. France Inter takes a closer look at these unknown destinies in “L’effet domino”.

A like, a retweet, a share… The little everyday clicks on social networks seem insignificant, yet they can change the lives of those who are suddenly thrust into the spotlight. These are the stories told by Jean Bulot and Éloïse Daviaud’s excellent (summer) column on France Inter,
L’effet domino

Born out of a call for projects by public broadcasting companies on connected lifestyles, it is like a time capsule of the moment when our ailing society tilts definitively into the virtual. From Jacline Mouraudwho unwittingly initiated the Gilets jaunes movement to a young Syrian namedAnas Modamaniwhose selfie with Angela Merkel backfired, all the stories tell of how social networks have become an invincible hydra, devouring those who make the buzz alive.