Livestreaming within everyone’s reach

30 September 2022

Live, remote, remote intervention, Kino strengthens its production resources

Broadcast a live event, bring in remote guests, create interactivity. These are the new challenges that the Kino team takes up every week, adapting to the event and the budget.

Recently, we captured and broadcast the sustainable development meetings from one of the rooms of the French National Assembly. The major challenge was to ensure broadcasting on multiple simultaneous networks, while adapting to the enhanced IT security systems of this strategic location.


Another challenge met was to use BVA ‘s new premises for 2 days of meetings, integrating speakers from multiple countries, while ensuring the fluidity of exchanges. Mixing zoom, a simple means of intervention familiar to everyone involved, with live production, for a real TV show that lasts… 2 days!

BVA The Human Advantage conference

All these events would have taken place without live coverage, but their scale would have been incommensurable. Live allows us to bring together more participants and more spectators, with a reduced carbon footprint and spectacular time savings for everyone, with the added bonus of being able to replay the live event. In fact, if you’d like to see for yourself, we’ll give you the links below the event photos.