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  • Livestreaming within everyone’s reach

    Livestreaming within everyone’s reach

    Broadcast a live event, bring in remote guests, create interactivity. These are the new challenges that the Kino team takes up every week, adapting to the event and the budget. Read more

  • Your remote events

    Your remote events

    Kino produces and broadcasts your events remotely at the location of your choice. Read more

  • Teambuilding solidarity

    Teambuilding solidarity

    When video rhymes with solidarity. Kino, commissioned by the Béa agency, has produced a series of films presenting Ubisoft's days of solidarity. Read more

  • Timbuktu, the difficult reconstruction

    Timbuktu, the difficult reconstruction

    Timbuktu, the cradle of Islam in Africa, is struggling to recover from the occupation and destruction wrought 8 years ago by al-Qaeda jihadists. Read more

  • Welcome to the Raving Rabbids

    Welcome to the Raving Rabbids

    Raving rabbits invited themselves onto our set. To tell you the truth, we shot with real children, real lighting doubles and virtual rabbits that we added in post-prod. Read more

  • The Netherlands, the golden age?

    The Netherlands, the golden age?

    The Amsterdam Museum has announced that it no longer wishes to use the term "Golden Age" in its museum, in order to respect all sensibilities and not forget that the Golden Age experienced in Amsterdam was that of settlers and merchants, and not that of the populations of the Dutch colonies. Read more

  • Greenland’s child guinea pigs

    Greenland’s child guinea pigs

    In the 1950s, the Danish government took 22 Greenlandic children away from their families, in order to involve them in a social experiment against their will. Read more

  • Athens tightens its laws on refugees

    Athens tightens its laws on refugees

    With over 70,000 refugees on its soil, Greece is overwhelmed. It criticizes Turkey for letting too many boats through, and criticizes Europe for its lack of solidarity. Read more

  • State bullets rain down on favelas

    State bullets rain down on favelas

    Since January and the start of the mandate of Rio de Janeiro's new governor, Wilson Witzel, a close associate of President Bolsonaro, police violence against favela residents has risen sharply. Read more

  • Ovacik’s Che

    Ovacik’s Che

    In eastern Turkey, Fatih Mehmet Maçoglu embodies an ongoing utopia and a form of resistance to Erdogan's autocratic drift. Read more