Welcome to the Raving Rabbids

5 January 2020

A silly but nice commercial

  • storyboard-tournage-lapins-cretins-2
  • storyboard-lapins-cretins-2
  • lapins-cretins-spot-kino-2
  • kino-tournage-pub-lapins-cretins-2
  • bienvenue-lapins-cretins-2
  • tournage-lapins-cretins-2
  • kino-tournage-spot-lapins-2
  • tournage-spot-lapins-cretins-2
  • tournage-carte-lapins-cretins-2

Raving rabbits invited themselves onto our set. To tell you the truth, we shot with real children, real lighting doubles and virtual rabbits that we added in post-prod.

For a spot like this, mixing real and computer-generated images, we follow a tightly controlled process involving the director, the rights holders, the client, the DP and 3D. A storyboard is created, of which here are a few images:

Then came the shooting. We work with understudies to prepare the set and minimize the children’s time on set.

At last the kids are here, and action!

Meanwhile, the 3D animators work on the CG characters.

In the end, you put it all together, add a bit of color grading and a voice-over, and the result is a film that’s sure to please.