Tunisia, an unfinished transition

25 February 2015

A documentary produced by Kino

“Tunisia, an unfinished transition”. 3 years after the Arab Spring uprisings, where does Tunisia stand?
Here’s an extract from a meeting with Weld El 15. A young Tunisian rapper jailed for a song that compared Tunisian police officers to dogs.
You’ll find Weld El 15 on France 3 and then on LCP, in a 52-minute documentary, “Tunisie, une transition inachevée”, produced by Kino.
In this documentary, Nicolas Beau, director, journalist and author of books on Ben Ali, takes us on a journey of discovery into a little-known Tunisia. From the smugglers of illegal immigrants on the Libyan border, to the idle youth of Sidi Bouzid, we discover a Tunisia far removed from the clichés of the tourist beaches of Hammamet.
Broadcast April 9 in the second half of the evening on France 3 ViaStella.