3D yum yum

20 October 2012

3D, and the importance of realistic rendering

We talked about 3D with plastic or metal rendering a few days ago.

Today, this is a fairly common technique. But when it comes to food, you have to pay close attention to textures, lighting and integration.

Here’s a typical case: a square of chocolate that we had to model for a convention and the homepage of a website.

The shape couldn’t be simpler. On the other hand, the chocolate must be appetizing and not look like a piece of plastic.

In this case, there are two steps:
1 – Use an appropriate rendering engine to achieve photorealistic rendering (V-ray for specialists).
2 – Calibration work to obtain appetizing colors.

Here again, the question of cost is crucial. It’s not advertising, and the budget must remain reasonable. We succeeded in this objective thanks to our integrated resources, which enabled us to carry out rendering tests on the entire image processing chain, so that the final film would look like an appetizing square of chocolate.

Enjoy your meal!

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