Kino, a multi-faceted audiovisual group

30 March 2020

A production and post-production hub in the heart of the 11th arrondissement.

1 video agency, 1 film set, post-production facilities, 1 lab for encoding, docs and reports… you’ll find it all, well hidden behind a pretty flowery terrace, in the heart of the 11th arrondissement, the district of bars and restaurants popular with entertainment workers and producers.

That’s the terrace, but make no mistake, the Kino team is much more often lit by the light of the screens than by that of the sun! Inside, several worlds come together:

The set. This is the world of shooting. The green background and floor await the actors, trainers, business leaders, bloggers and influencers who will come to distill their message before being embedded in a background, in a universe that will give meaning to their message.

The agency: A creative hub that creates films and audiovisual modules for agencies and companies.

Post-production: Video control rooms, a color-grading room and a sound studio equipped with a speak booth for editing and finalizing films.

The Lab: all the equipment you need to restore, encode, make DCPs, PADs…

Kino Presse: A press agency approved by the CPAP (Commission paritaire des Publications et Agences de Presse), which produces reports for television.

Coopdoc: A documentary production company. It is a think-tank, development and production entity, with a resolutely multi-media approach: on-air, radio, web and print.

This whole ecosystem is open to new technologies and new writing. A small world to discover around the open-space coffee machine.