The packshot, a delicate art

20 January 2020

How do you showcase your products?

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There’s nothing like a good photo or video to sell your products. The art of the packshot is a complex blend of know-how, inspiration and experience.
Whether in photo or video, you’ll need to make the product look its best, while presenting it accurately so as not to disappoint the consumer when they find it in the store or at home after placing an order.

Several options are available.

Plain background. Generally black or white, the plain background isolates the product and enhances it with light. The light can also create a gradation on the background for added softness.

Lifestyle. The product is staged in a “natural” environment on a table or placed on a window sill, shelf or corner of a bathtub. The environment anchors the product in a universe and invites the customer to project himself into it. Accessories can be added.

Le Flatlay. Flatlay takes up the lifestyle principle by positioning itself above the subject, at an angle or vertically. The horizon disappears, and we focus on the product. It’s a strong communication vector on social networks.

The range packshot. The product can be staged in the middle of a range to position it within a set of products known to the consumer.

Animated or static, the packshot is one of the strongest elements of your communication. We’ll help you find the best vantage point to showcase your products and maximize their impact.